Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Peyton...Just Pretend to Look Happy for a Minute

One thing that really got to me at the end of the Super Bowl was Peyton Manning's (non-) celebration. I mean buddy, you just reached the top of your sports career so far, proved all the critics wrong and won the MVP of the Super Bowl, You have guys in USA Today slobbing all over you (though nice to see a quote from the lost Manning brother, Cooper). Can't you crack a smile?

Peyton really needs to take a play out of the Eli Manning handbook and just let it all hang out. Come on P, grab a beer, grab a girlie and live a little.

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Super Bowl is a Comin' -- Time to Talk about Nothing for Another Week

The question that has been asked and will continue to be asked until at least Sunday evening, will be: "Can Peyton Manning ever lead his team to the big one?" I honestly don't care. The guy is annoying. I only hope that he ends up hosting Inside the NFL in 15 years and pulls a "Dan Marino."

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